How to Deal when you Can’t Travel

I’m a traveler at heart and always have been, ever since I accidentally fell into the world of aviation and found myself as an International Flight Attendant. It’s there in 2010 I got my thirst for travel and you could say was bitten by the bug as life has never been the same again. I’m always thinking about travel, what jobs I can do which will allow me to travel and where I am planning to go next.

However, regardless of how glamorous and up to date my instagram appears, I’m still figuring it out. The truth is I created Santorini Girl when I lived in Santorini. As life happens I’ve found myself back in Ryde, Sydney, Australia (my hometown) and I started thinking to myself ‘how can I run a credible travel blog if I’m just back home?!’

So I’m writing this piece today to be truthful and authentic about my experience as a travel junkie who has to suck it up, pay my bills and keep living life whilst trying to encourage others to travel and see the world.

So Here’s my Top 10 Tips for Not Going Insane When you Can’t Travel

  1. Always have your next trip in mind, not necessarily planned, but a broad idea of where you want to go next. Mine’s Santorini (wow big surprise there!) for my close girlfriends wedding in June 2019, haven’t planned a thing yet but I know it will all fall into place.
  2. Explore somewhere new in your own backyard. I currently work at a hotel in Sydney and the amount of tourists that come through and tell me about their experiences I’ve never heard of in Sydney astonishes me. Get out there and do something new. Recently I was invited to a friends house across the road from where I live, and there was a FREAKING RESORT STYLE POOL in there….actually felt like I was in Bali! Ok not such a big new experience but definitely shocking that this had been across the road from me this ENTIRE time and I had no idea. Open your eyes.
  3. Take Mini Breaks on Weekends. If you’re savvy like me you can always plan a little ahead when airfares go on sale and go visit your friends interstate, a short break and a scene change does wonders for the incessant travel junkie inside me and gives me just enough of a hit to keep me going through another mundane week back home.
  4. Visit an Authentic (insert nationality here) Restaurant. One of my favourite things to do is go across the road to a Greek restaurant called Platia. They do a $29 all you can eat special on Mondays and Tuesdays and the owner is always giving me more complimentary lefko krasi (white wine) and it feels almost as authentic as if I were sitting at a taverna in Greece myself.
  5. Keep in Touch with Fellow TravellersMy favourite thing about travel is always meeting new people! Keep the vibe alive and stay in touch when you can, I have a few people I met in Europe this year visiting Sydney over the Summer and I cannot WAIT to see them and reminisce about our holiday over a wine or two.
  6. Show Someone around Your City. This kind of touches on what I said in point 2, seeing the city though someone else’s eyes and having the opportunity to be there with them and guide them to your favourite places about town is an experience I find so very rewarding when their face lights up with excitement. Hey I may of seen this 1000 times, but seeing it though someone else’s perspective is always an eye opener and definitely heart-warming.
  7. Save, save, SAVE! You probably don’t need that new cute t-shirt. Put it down and think about the sunset in Croatia you will be watching while sipping on a cocktail in 6 months. We live in a fast paced consumerist society, but you don’t have to keep up with everyone else. Make yourself happy and invest in a little old fashioned saving. Open an ING Everyday Savings account and earn interest on your savings. Plus you can use that card overseas and not get charged ATM or International transaction fees! Winning!
  8. Music is Your Best Friend. Whenever I’m feeling a little shitty like I’m NEVER going to get out of Ryde I pop on my favourite playlist from Europe (the 2016 one is better than the 2018 one) and dance my little heart out. Memories when firing in that cute brain of yours will increase endorphins and good times, sure it’s in my bedroom and not on an exotic beach but that’s why we travel right? To create these times to remember later.
  9. Meditate. Especially in nature or at the beach, it has a calming effect and you can literally  imagine yourself wherever you want to be in the world at that moment. Saves you on the airfare too.
  10. Don’t Forget Travel is a Constant in Your Life and Before you Know It – You Will be on a Plane Again. I recently figured this one out and it relieved a lot of the pressure I was putting on myself to get out there and travel again. I can bring as much content and love to this blog sitting here in Ryde as when I do sitting in Ireland or Italy. Travel will come again and it will be awesome. Til then I’ma keep you all updated with everything that happens in between travel and beyond.

With love

Santorini Girl

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