Pub Crawl & the Curious case of the Chihuahua

Split is absolutely amazing, I think I have found my new spirit home! Everything is pleasing to my soul from the beaches, the innate natural beauty, the cafes, the restaurants, the shopping and the nightlife! Its a perfect mix of city and island life to me all set in the magnificence of the Mediterranean. 

The first night I decided to put my big girl pants on, head out solo and see what this beautiful place had to offer. My hostel had given me a flyer for a pub crawl so I thought why the hell not! Meeting near the Bell Tower the instructions were to look for a green umbrella. So off I went to seek out this mystery umbrella which I found quite easily. After kind of nervously making eye contact with a few people ( I got up at 4am that morning for my flight – tired does NOT work well with me)  and started having some conversations, meeting people from all the over world and of course…..Australia. We are literally everywhere. But I love it! 

We started at a club where we got free drinks for 2 hours and played beer pong and ate pizza. Its the first time in a long time I’ve been out like this and I had to remember how to let loose! 

It didn’t take me long. 

Throughout the night we visited 2 bars and a club and I partied the night away. The music was perfect, the company was awesome and it was a great way to break the ice and meet new people. 

I will be writing more on experiences and the beauty all around me after I complete my Sail Croatia trip which I set sail tomorrow! 

For now I want to share the story about the curious case of the Chihuahua. 

Yesterday as I was basking in the sunlight on Trstenik Beach I was chilling out reading by book and tanning. I was sitting right in front of Cox Bar and I could hear their tunes playing, mostly deep house which was most enjoyable. 

However towards the end of the day the song ‘Tears in Heaven’ by Eric Clapton came on. Obviously a very sad song about his son’s tragic death which reminded me of my fathers own tragic and sudden death. 

With a tear in my eye I put my head down and held onto that moment as sometimes this is how I feel connected to my Dad, a memory, a song, anything really that takes me to a moment where I hold his memory in my heart so strong. I then started contemplating the dog my father gave to my mother just before he passed, Honey. Honey was already an older ‘senior citizen’ when we got her so 3 years on her health is ailing. I had the thought that when she goes she will be going through the gates of heaven and my father will be waiting for her. A comforting yet emotion revealing thought to have.

Just then as I was opening my teary eyes and lifting up my head a Chihuahua was right in front of me. As soon as I looked at this gorgeous pup it RAN over to me and nestled itself right under my chin and started licking me furiously! This cute little thing wouldn’t stop! Madly licking my face and my arms and then sitting down and what I can only believe comforting me! 

In that moment I knew, we are all connected, all is one and my father is definitely around and looking out for me. I was so super grateful for that unexpected experience. It was the timing that blew me away, that a dog – which I was just thinking about in connection to my father was there for me. 

Animals definitely know whats up! After this Chihuahua simply walked off and returned to his family and sat with them. A happy coincidence or something more? I like to believe in something more. 

Until next time 

Santorini Girl 


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