Quick Trip to Verona

Yesterday I was asked by my other cousin Lorenzo if I wanted to take a trip with him and his girlfriend Alessandra to Verona or Turino. After a quick Google search I decided on Verona, even though there was an impending storm on approach I optimistically thought it would all magically fall into place.

We drove 2 hours west towards Venice from Saronno, near Milan. I have no idea what the speed limit was but I feel like we were going pretty fast on the autostrade and got there 15 minutes earlier than expected.

The storm clouds were gathering, but that just made for an awesome backdrop for all my photos.  We parked up and headed towards Verona arena, as we were in a bit of a rush to miss the storm I decided to skip seeing inside the arena and went on a mission to find the balcony of Juliet.

Verona is a very stylish town yet it has an old school charm. With many speciality shops and designer labels lining the Main Street it is definitely a good place to visit for a spot of shopping.

We head down the streets and got lost a few times but on the way got to see the main square, churches and a LOT of balconies. All of them teeming with beautiful blooming flowers. Finally we found Casa di Guilietta and for 6 euro entry I got to stand on her famous balcony. Not sure if taking multiple selfies is what Juliet envisioned for her balcony to become a platform for but none the less I enjoyed the experience and the vibe of the people all visiting too. Up next I was told I needed to touch the boob of the statue of Juliet for good luck, I did so and took another selfie grabbing it. Again, not sure if this is what Shakespeare envisioned his literature would lead to but hey such is life! The ominous clouds filling the sky was like poetic symbolism to how Shakespeare’s characters must of been feeling when they enacted this famous balcony scene, that a storm was brewing and on the way.

And oh boy did it storm! Luckily my cousin and I were inside a shop when the first down pour happened, and then met with Alessandra and made it back to the car and departed before the flash flooding occurred! I was happy dancing in the rain back to the car, but I hope no one was too severely impacted by yesterdays weather.

I’m so sleepy and I have an entire shopping day in Milan tomorrow…

Until then

Santorini Girl

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