A Road Trip to Lake Como 

Travelling solo I’m always happy to see a familiar face so when I arrived in Milan Central Station on Wednesday I received a  big warm hug from my cousin Alessandro. I was lucky to find him as I didn’t have a wifi connection but these things always seem to sort themselves out. I’m staying here for a week before heading off to Split. I only booked my connecting flight the day I arrived to depart next Wednesday 5th September with Easy Jet for the low cost of only 60 euros including a 23kg bag. Its really fun and exciting to only book and plan a few days in advance but also totally doable. 

The next morning my cousin had organised a surprise day trip up to Lake Como as its relatively close to wear he lives. What I didn’t know was he had planned for us to go on his Ducati. What an experience! Expect nothing, get everything! 

Before our departure I was suited up in full Ducati gear including helmet, gloves and a heavy duty jacket. Not the best attire for a 29C day however completely necessary for safety’s sake. 

We head off along the autostrade and I dare say we got there quicker than if we would’ve taken the car. Our first stop was at a little lakeside town called Argegno where we had a quick pit stop and a few photos of course. 

Then we were off again to go ‘up the mountain’ as Alessandro said. We weaved our way though the windy roads and arrived at the summit Balconi D’Italia meaning the balcony of Italy. 

Balcone D’Italia is an amazing view of where Italy ends and Switzerland begins and absolutely breathtaking. Its quite close to Lake Como and I highly recommend anyone who is visiting the area to take the extra 45 minutes to head up the mountain and see this view. It’s incredible and totally worth it. I had no idea I would be seeing Switzerland when I woke up this morning! There is a small restaurant at the summit serving simple meals and sandwiches, I had the prosciutto e mozzarella which was perfect for a midday snack. I also saw the most AMAZING bee I’ve ever seen. It was black with blue wings, I didn’t even know they existed – l’ve been encountering a lot of bees on this trip (maybe its my new spirit animal) but none like this before. I think my cousin was a little disappointed I was more excited about the bee than the view haha. 

We then continued down the mountain and caught the ferry to Bellagio. Bellagio is a very cute fancy little lake side town, with cobblestone streets and the charm of a fairtytale. We parked the bike and went for a walk and I bought some really beautiful silks in a shop called Azalea, a historic store in Bellagio boasting customers such as Goldie Hawn and now me.  All are made in Como and are of high quality, costing me only 46 euro for 2 I think I did really well. 

After a long day we headed home winding our way through the mountains and tiny villages of Lago di Como. The fresh air hitting my face I was sure to breathe in all in. Seeing the area by motorbike was really rewarding as I feel I got to see a lot in a small amount of time, if you would like more information on motorbike tours throughout Como please contact me via the contact form above. 

Tomorrow I think I’m off to explore the city of Milan, but who knows? Traveling with no plans always has its unexpected surprises!

Until then 

Santorini Girl 

SHOP: Azalea – Silk of Como 

WEB: azaleabellagio.com 

ADVICE: The lady in the shop was extremely helpful and didn’t make me feel bad when I picked the most expensive piece in the shop and said its probably a little bit out of my price range, Instead she said I have good taste and showed me some more affordable pieces. A great experience and great value for money 10/10 

LANDMARK: Balcone D’Italia 

LOCATION:Lanzo d’Intelvi, Province of Como

ADVICE: Do it! Especially if you are staying in Lake Como head up that mountain and check it out. An unexpected and awesome view of the border between Italy and Switzerland. 10/10 

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