Hey everyone! This will be a quick one as I’m currently traveling from Venice to Milan on a super speed Italo train, its pretty cool to be writing this post whilst the Swiss Alps are gliding by outside the window. 

So as a solo traveler you sometimes have to do some pretty romantic shit alone. Take for instance a gondola ride. At first I really wasn’t too into the idea because I thought I wanted to save that experience to do with someone special in the future. However my mother INSISTED I take a gondola ride! “How can you go to Venice and NOT have a gondola ride?!’ she said. So I asked around and found out a private gondola ride is 100 euro (about $160 AUD) which wasn’t something I was prepared to pay for, a romantic lonesome gondola ride haha. 

(TRAVEL HACK) So I went on (from the advice of my good friend Ally in Ireland) and found a ride for 41 euro. Furthermore as it was the first time I was using Viator I got an extra 10% off. So for 36.9 euro ($58 AUD) I booked in to have a romantic adventure for one. 

When I arrived I was happy to see it was a SHARED experience, meaning they pack 6 strangers into a gondola and float around the canals. I proudly went up to the front and said ‘UNA GRAZIE!’ (one please) proudly stating my singleship (its a new word I just made up….go with it ) and got assigned to a gondola with some lovely Canadian ladies. It was a quick 30 minute trip around the canals, with our gondoliers dressed in traditional garb accompanied by a singer and accordion player on one of the other gondolas. A great experience and Im so happy my mum encouraged me to do it! 

(TRAVEL HACK) Now as I said before I’m on an Italo train going from Venice to Milan. I booked about a week in advance using an app called Trainline EU. It gives you all the train schedules in the EU. I was surprised at the low cost of the train I chose at only 14.50 euros for a first class ticket. The trick is to search different days and different schedules to get a really good price, as long as you can be a little flexible. This train ride has been more comfortable than an aircraft and they served me a complimentary drink and snack plus I have a really comfortable spacious seat. I may consider travelling by train again for the next leg of my journey from Italy to Croatia (still not booked!) 

Ok I’ve gota jet – meeting my cousin Alessandro in Milan in about 10 minutes! 

Until then 

Santorini Girl 

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