Beaches in Venice

Venice is well known for its beautiful city that meets the waters edge, the gondola rides, the Grand Canal and those freaky looking masks.

What many people don’t know (myself included) was that Venice is also home to a few coastal beaches. Whilst I love exploring a new city, the beach and the sun is where my soul resides. So when I was researching Venice and things to do, I popped in the search term ‘beaches in Venice’ on Google and was happily surprised to find a couple.


Lido Di Venezia is probably the most popular tourist beach with a free public access area. The ACTV water ferries operate every 15 – 30 mins from all the popular wharfs. I caught the number 2 ferry from San Toma to Lido. It takes about 40 minutes and is 7.50 euro for a 75 min ticket. I ended up purchasing a 24 hour ticket for 20 euro which allowed me to return on my first day and go over the next morning again. After a short walk down the street you will find the beach, lined with umbrellas and sun lounges. Of course these are an extra cost, 18 euro for an umbrella and sun lounge combo. Not one to make a impulsive purchase, I had a look around and found Aurora Bar to the left of the umbrella sales desk. I went in and asked if I purchased a drink and some food if I could use their sun lounges. Of course this was not a problem for them, and voila! I got a free sun lounge AND food and beverage service for the bargain price of 5 euro! 3.5 for a prosecco and 1.50 for a bag of chips…winning!! And more cashflow to spend on more wine and food.
I also ate lunch at Aurora, they serve a cute little wood fired pizza for 6 euro. In the afternoon after I had sufficiently baked, I headed down to the water and had a short swim, fell asleep on the beach and woke up just in time to catch my ferry back.


Bagni Alberoni is a little further away but so worth the journey, Again catching the ferry to Lido di Venezia I then boarded the ‘A’ bus to Alberoni. I had no idea if I was on the right one but the island is small so I thought whats the worst that can happen! Gratefully, it was right and some friendly locals told me where to get off the bus, it took around 30 minutes. Bagni Alberoni is a more secluded beach with not so many tourists and more locals. Unlike Lido di Venezia it was free to use the public bathrooms and the beach staff were more warm and welcoming. I hired a sun lounge for 8 euro and chilled out all day (and tried to fix my patchy sunburn from the day before!) The sun is STRONG in Italy, I thought it would be less burny as there is still the protective o-zone layer here. Oh how wrong I was, so slip slop slap! I had lunch at the restaurant on the beach, getting a delicious buffalo mozzarella sandwich with fresh tomatoes and basil, accompanied by a couple glasses of Pinot Grigio. It was only 7.50 for all! I highly recommend making the extra journey down to Alberoni as you get to see a more authentic side of Venice.

Next time I come to Venice I would consider staying on the beach side of the island as there is easy access to ferries and there is more of a beachy vacation vibe, with restaurant lining the streets and boutique stores selling local fashion.

Tanned & happy

Santorini Girl

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