How I’m Choosing to Travel

So I haven’t actually gone into how Im choosing to travel this time. I booked my long haul flights with Emirates Sydney to Dublin and then 7 weeks later Athens to Sydney, with a stopover in Dubai on the way home, I got my flights pretty cheap for $1700 including travel insurance. I booked them in December 2017 and wasn’t flying until August 2018. So I highly recommend looking ahead and booking if you can. The middle part of my trip? Totally unplanned. I plan on showing up and seeing what happens.

For my first week I I knew I had to be in Ireland for the wedding so I stayed with my friend Elaine for a few days and then went down to the event. It was a good chance for me to see the city and the countryside. Whilst I didn’t see any castle or many landmarks (I hate doing touristy stuff) I did get to hang out with some pretty cool people and I think that’s more of an enriching experience for me anyway.

So a few nights ago I was like hmmm where should I go next? Of course I’m working within a budget as well. I’ve limited myself to $8000 spending money for 7 weeks. About $1150 per week of travel. So what I did was load up Google flights and see where I can go in my budget departing from Dublin, then check what accomodation costs in those corresponding places. One minute I was going to England, the next Scotland then even Malaga in Spain. I knew I had to be in Milan on the 29/8 to meet with my cousin Alessandro so I started looking into Italian destinations.

Up came Venice, and a flight with Air Lingus for $225 including baggage and priority boarding suited me well. After researching some hotels in Venice, I found one called Haven Hostel San Toma located in the middle of San Toma. Now I don’t really like doing shared rooms, so I found a single room on offer with a shared bathroom. I thought I’ll just grab my thongs (flip flops) and I’ll be right! This was only $60AUD per night and the reviews are really good. I also found transportation via Expedia for really cheap too. Only $10AUD coach transfer from the airport to my hotel. I really hope I don’t have to print the voucher because WHO PRINTS VOUCHERS THESE DAYS!

After 4 nights in Venice I’ll head over to Milan, I found a train which only takes 2 hours and only cost me $20AUD in 1st class. My cousin will pick me up and I’ll spend a few days there. Then I have a few days free to plan before I head over to Split to meet a sailing trip I just booked last minute with Sail Croatia for a week. I’m hoping to find a hot Italian beach to chill out on in the days between. I’ve just found a flight for later on in my trip from Split to Santorini for only $200 so I’ve booked that in for September 18th and hope it all falls into place.

Now im going to sit back relax and enjoy my flight over to Venice, sitting in seat 1F so classy! (not really :P)

Santorini Girl

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