I had to let go

So I’ve been planning this trip for quite some time. 2 years in fact. Mainly I want to travel and write as a career, so this blog is a major stepping stone in that direction. Everything I have been doing has been for this time, this moment, to get on a plane and write about my experience.

Except I haven’t been feeling so enthusiastic about writing reviews on places or things I’m doing. I feel like that’s been done and dusted. Who cares what I think about the Leaning Tower of Pisa or how I spent my day wandering aimlessly around the city, these are definitely parts of my day which I will write about, however they are not the reason why I write. Google anything right now and you will be able to find someones review or opinion on it. So what makes my blog so special? Well apparently its me. My story, my perspective and what I really want to write about is the human condition and how we find ourselves in the places we are.

Reflecting back on the 2 years it took to get me here – saving, working contract positions, not committing to a full time job because I knew I would be leaving, finding flexible work and more saving, I woke up this morning to find the weight of the world on my shoulders (quite literally) I was putting a lot of pressure on myself. Pressure to perform, pressure to write, pressure to make this time count! And as I was stressing about how I hadn’t felt inspired to write, it hit me. LET THE FUCK GO. Let go of all the made up pressures in your head and just be and let life flow. You see I was so concerned about writing this god damn post I forgot what really matters, being in the moment and just feeling whatever I feel and doing my best to write about it.

I think we all do this in life sometimes, get caught up in our heads and make things 1000 worse than they are, or maybe thats just me 😉

Im currently in the countryside at Ballybeg House in Tinahely, a county near Wexford. Its god damn BEAUTIFUL, I feel like I’m in a fairytale.

Im here for one of my oldest friend’s wedding, Ally. Im staying on site in a cute little glamping pod (which was a steal for only 200euro for 3 nights!) Im going to take a load of pictures and upload them shortly plus update you all on the Irish wedding happenings!

Till then

Santorini Girl

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