First Day in Ireland

Yesterday I woke up to a sunny mild day in Dublin, Ireland. I am blessed to be staying with one of the most loving amazing friends I have made on my travel journeys, Elaine. We met in Santorini several years ago and she has been kind enough to open her house and her heart to me on this trip to Dublin! It had felt like no time had passed between seeing Elaine a few years ago til now, which only confirms for me that international friends are the best friends!

Although severely jet lagged and being a hypochondriac that I possibly have DVT (deep vein thrombosis) I set out to explore the city of Dublin. From what I can remember (most of the day was a blur due to jet lag and the EXTRA large glass of wine Elaine and I ordered at lunch) Dublin is an amazing place full of culture and history. And mostly, its reallllly green! (I think thats the point)

After meeting Elaine for lunch in the ‘Silicone Valley’ district of the city, I wondered around the streets to thankfully overhear another Aussie telling a bunch of tourists that he was headed to Trinity College. I tactfully followed a few steps behind trying not to look like a stalker and found myself on the beautiful green fields of Trinity College. It was magnificent and grand. I particularly enjoyed the art installation in one of the squares, a large metallic ball with cracks and rips in it (see photo). I highly recommend getting lost in a city, not knowing exactly where you are going because I love seeing things for the first time and really soaking it all in.

I stumbled out of the grounds to find myself on Grafton Street and an array of shops and tourist hot spots. After doing making my obligatory purchases in Victoria’s Secret and H&M I was FEELIN THE LAG yet again and decided to head home. The funny thing is, I was taking more photos walking home from the train station than I did all day at any popular tourist spot. I find beauty in the day to day scenery of a destination, a winding road with a lush green backdrop, discovering a new place for the first time, hearing noises I had no contemplated before, like the sound of seagulls in the distance. (Not like the Australian screechy ones either!) This to me is the true beauty of traveling.

I headed home and fell asleep for 12 hours. #thelagisreal

Until I awaken from my zombie like state

Santorini Girl

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