Night Flight Cocktail Bar

Located on the eastern side of the island lies a relatively new cocktail bar called Night Flight. Upon entering you are immediately immersed in the relaxed atmosphere with cool tones of white and beige making it a chic & yummy space to enjoy a cocktail or some food.

When I first walked in I was warmly greeted by the bartender and waiter, who quickly let me know I could be seated anywhere I desire. I chose to sit on the comfy white lounges, which are complimented by wood and rustic chairs & tables. I was presented the menu which includes snack type food such as burgers, souvlaki, pasta, club sandwiches and some seafood.

I chose the Salmon Club Sandwich with an ‘Energy Plus’ mocktail to drink.

Both my drink and food were served in a timely manner, the salmon club sandwich consisted of smoked salmon, rocket, cucumber, olive pate and is served with extra rocket on top (with some delicious sauce I cant figure out what it is!) The ‘Energy Plus’ mocktail is served in a mason jar and is made up from homemade green tea syrup, infused pineapple, passionfruit and guarana with gingseng extracts. They both taste amazing! They are also well priced the sandwich 10 euro and the drink 7 euro.

Night Flight also provides free sunbeds and umbrellas to patrons on the beach front, which is not as common in Santorini with some other beach bars charging up to 7 or 10 euro for a set. There is also a private parking lot for guests and free wifi.

There are always some chilled house beats playing in the background which adds to the allure of Night Flight. In the evening the pace kicks up and a DJ or a live band adds to the already eclectic vibe here.

The most interesting feature of Night Flight would have to be its open air roof which has a direct view to the overhead planes landing and taking off. It is right on the end (or beginning) of the flight path into Santorini. When a plane is taking off first you can hear the roar of the engines, the music cuts out, the lights go down and seconds later the plane passes above your head only what feels like meters above! For any aviation geek (like me!) or plane enthusiast its definitely something you must experience for yourself!

Now I must finish eating my meal….and then hit the beach!

Love Santorini Girl

Night Flight
Avis Beach – Kamari – Santorini

+30 22860 30066


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