Exploring Sydney’s Backyard

So we all know the feeling.

We are at home in our respective countries – whether that be Australia, Canada, England, America, Austria etc.. We are working away at jobs daydreaming of the same thing.

Lying on a black sand beach relaxing in Santorini or dancing our ass off half naked on a bar in Mykonos. (I’ll take both.)

So instead of sitting at home all day trolling through countless photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram of said great destinations – Kiara and I decided to utilize our Tuesday off and go and explore our own backyard!


Remember, we are both on a pretty strict budget – both of us are saving to go back to Europe this Summer and we don’t want to break the bank. However we do want to get the same sense of adventure and freedom we would find jumping on a plane and getting out of here. We budgeted at $30 each for the day.

We decided to drive north of Sydney. About a short 45 minutes north of Sydney we arrived at Bilgola Beach.

A quiet,ย  some what secluded beach – Bilgola was exactly what we were looking for. After a short tanning session and a quick dip we walked up to the beaches rock pools – where we discovered an abundance of aquatic life. It was really fun to have that child like sense of adventure again, jumping up and down the rocks and also checking out the amazing landscape around us.


Petrol $5 each

Parking fees for 2.5 hours $8 (Kiara)

We then moved onto our next location. The Boat House Restaurant in Palm Beach. This is a lovely little place to eat nestled on the water’s edge. We did find the prices to be a little bit expensive for our quick Sydney getaway, so I’ll admit we splurged a little here.

Kiara ordered the market fish of the day with vegetables for $27 and I got the cheese plate for $19.

I must say though we were surprised with the generous size of the cheese plate so it was value for money at the end of the day. We were feeling so good about our cheese plate – of course we ordered two glasses of wine, at a reasonable $9 each.


Kiara’s lunch $36

Belinda’s lunch $28

Parking fees for the next 3 hours $8.50 (Belinda)

We did do some quick research into other places to eat that would be more cost effective and we did find a few kiosks with burgers for around the $10 mark each.

After a relaxing lunch we headed over to Palm Beach. Hardly anyone was there and it really felt like we had left the confines of Sydney and gone on a distant holiday.

We got another tanning session in and some more swimming. Around 5pm we packed it up and started driving home. Even winding through the twists and turns of Palm Beach was an adventure for us – it reminded us of the hills and cliffs of the Caldera in Santorini.

All in all it was a great mini day trip and even though we went over budget we didn’t break the bank.


Kiara $49

Belinda $41.50

It’s not always about the money in your bank – if your sense and spirit of adventure is alive and well all you need to do is get out there and explore what’s already around you.


Santorini Girl

3 thoughts on “Exploring Sydney’s Backyard

  1. I’ve been considering doing this very same thing! Of course, here in Virginia it’s the middle of winter, so I’ll need to figure out something that would be fun, even in the cold weather!

    1. We really just jumped in the car and went off with a sense of adventure! The other night we also went to the International Terminal at Sydney Airport. We didn’t go anywhere but got a coffee and watched the planes – its all about how it makes you feel! And it got us inspired to do more exploring ๐Ÿ™‚

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