Santorini Girl in Sydney

Helloooooo and welcome to the next blog post of Santorini Girl!

As a few of you may know I’m originally from Sydney, Australia and now I like to split my time in between the two great islands of Santorini and Australia. (Double summer back to back – you know I’m onto something good!)

I know it’s been a while but we have decided to inject the internet with another dose of Santorini Girl. Except this time it won’t just be limited to the island of Santorini.

This time we are going to deliver you more from wherever we go, but still with the love and passion you have come to expect.

If you’re anything like my best friend, Kiara and I – you love travel and adventure AND you want to be able to do it whenever or however you want whilst on your low to mid range I-live-and-work-in-the-city budget.

We are saving to go back to Santorini – but don’t want to put our sense of adventure on hold in the mean time.

(Quick bit of background on the BFF! Kiara and I actually met in Santorini – but both our families are in Sydney which is pretty lucky as we get to share of our love of the infamous Greek Island whilst we are away from it.)

Which leads me to my next blog post

EXPLORING SYDNEY’S BACKYARD. (When you really wanna be in Mykonos but you can’t just yet…)

  • How we spent our day off to explore our own backyard
  • How easy it is to find fun things to do without breaking the bank

Check out our adventure just an hour’s north of Sydney and the fun you can have if you’re willing to get out there and explore.


Santorini Girl.


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