SG of the Month – Elly Dru

Santorini Girl of the Month: Elly Dru

Originally from: Bulgaria 

Meeting Elly was one of the best things that ever happened to me in Santorini! She is a kind loving person with an infectious laugh. Read below to hear Elly’s story of how she came to live in Santorini. 

My name is Elena, but everyone calls me Elly. I’m 28 years old from Bulgaria. The summer of 2010 was my first trip to Santorini. A friend of mine from Bulgaria had been living on the island of Santorini for 10 years and he was always raving about how magnificent Santorini was and told us we had to come visit.

It didn’t take much for me and my boyfriend to decide to come and here we are. It was a long and exhausting trip but we were so excited about our new adventure. Our friend rented a room for a month and we toured around and discovered santorini. We were so impressed that we wanted to stay for the summer season. We knew that in order for us to stay longer, we would have to work so we went all over the island asking people for jobs. Neither one of us spoke Greek so imagine how difficult and comical it was to communicate with the locals.

Luckily for us, the people from Santorini are really friendly, kind, and used to interacting with tourists so we were able to understand each other. The month was coming to an end and I knew that if I didn’t find work soon, I’d have to return to Bulgaria. Thankfully, I met an incredible Bulgarian girl who became my best friend and offered me a job at 2 Brothers Bar. Five years later, here I am 🙂

After my first summer, I went back home, graduated University with a degree in Communications Systems and Technologies and started working for a big company. It was interesting; I learned something new and different every day but in the end, I felt that something was missing. The summer was approaching and I knew I had to return to Santorini. I quit and went back to the island.

Working here is completely different from everything else I’ve done. Here, I’m allowed to drink at work, to smoke, dance and have fun. My job includes speaking with the customers to make them feel welcome, serving their drinks, dancing, and partying. Santorini has tourists from all over the world and I’m lucky enough to get to meet them and make their vacation memorable /this is how I met Katia and Belinda who are my best friends now/. One of my favourite things about my job is that I continue to learn more about other cultures and nationalities. We talk, drink, and have fun together every single night and it never gets old. How awesome is that?! Life here is quiet, beautiful and relaxing without the pressure and stress of the big cities. And that’s why every year I find myself traveling back to this incredible island.


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