Santorini Girl in 2015

Welcome to Santorini season of 2015! After a long 30 hour something journey including 2 planes and a boat I have finally made my way back to Santorini after enjoying Australia with family and friends for the past 4 and a half months.

It’s such an exciting feeling to be back! I made it all the more exciting too by not telling my friends I was coming, you should of seen the look on their faces when I walked into the bar to surprise them! It was priceless and a really good moment to kick off my season.

Being back on the island feels so right and I’m really looking forward to writing about this place  with updates on restaurants, hotels, things to do and see, events, nightlife and of course the beaches!

I have to run off to work now but I’ll catch up with you all soon

With love

Santorini Girl


Dec 2015 Update: As I was working Full- Time as a Receptionist/On Duty Manager for a hotel this season I did not get to contribute as much as I would’ve liked in this time. However I did acquire a wealth of knowledge about Santorini’s finest places to discover. Apologies to all readers – we will be up and running again in 2016!

2 thoughts on “Santorini Girl in 2015

  1. Hello, my name is Jonn, i’m going to santorini next week. Can you give me advices on what ate the things to do there in 3 days? Thanks.



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