Saint Matrona’s Day in Finikia

On Sunday I had the pleasure of attending Saint Matrona’s Day in Finikia. The season may be (almost) officially over but that doesn’t stop the locals from throwing one great party!

Excerpt from

“Built in 1859, the Saint Matrona Church is located at the eastern side of the central road in Finikia. On the eve, the church is decorated with palm leaves and on the feast day the litany of the icon takes place around the alleys that have been paved with rosemary and sweet-scented pelargonium. The menu is rich and delicious, including traditional codfish cooked with fresh onion, oil and boiled potatoes, along with a great variety of grilled meat and ‘gamopilafo’ (island wedding pilaf).”

The music was amazing, with multiple performances going on at the same time. One inside a small museum with traditional instruments, drums and dancing, the other around someone’s backyard table and the main performance on the steps of the church. The atmosphere was electric!

Being Australian and not of Greek heritage I was a little apprehensive to get in there and start dancing but after a few wines I was up and on the dance floor groovin away with locals and other tourists alike.

Check out the photos here.

Photo credit Panagiotis Kantargis
Photo credit Panagiotis Kantargis
Photo credit Panagiotis Kantargis
Photo credit Panagiotis Kantargis
Belinda and Elly
Belinda and Elly
Main Performance
Main Performance

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