The Beaches

Review from Guest Writer Elly Dru 

Santorini is an island rich in beaches, each one is unique and inimitable. The beautiful views, crystal blue water, the sound of waves and the endless sea merging with the sky will make you feel blessed. Remarkable are red, white and black beaches located in a close proximity to each other.

Red Beach in Akrotiri

One of the things you must see on the island. An absolutely awe-inspiring view of deep red rocky shores. Although Red Beach is pretty I wouldn’t recommend swimming there without bringing the right shoes, as there are many stones and rocks in the water. Take a boat from here or walk to see the White Beach just around the corner. It’s a very small area where every single rock and stone is white.


One of the most popular beaches to visit. About 20 minutes away from Fira town with an abundance of cafes, restaurants, boutique clothing stores and of course the beach! One of my favorite restaurants to eat at is Navy’s. The mountain on the far side of Kamari gives this beach its special essence with such an amazing backdrop.


About 40 minutes by bus from Fira Town or 10 minutes by boat from Kamari. Here you will find the best beach parties and bars in the day time such as JoJos, Chilli and Wet Stories. A great place to chill and relax is Demilmar. Its also popular for a wide range of water sports such as water skiing, wind surfing, jetskiing, diving and the Water Park.


Found on the southern tip of Santorini, another quiet beach with small taverns. A haven for sailing and fishing boats.


For those who want to avoid crowds, and are looking for a serene spot to relax. Located near Perivolos.


Located on the east coast of Santorini, about 15 minutes from Fira Town on the bus. This beach is a little quieter and is perfect for families visiting the island. Its a small sandy beach with shallow water great for families with children. There are two tavernas and a small market down there to grab a snack.


There are countless beaches in Santorini, each with their own beauty. The best way to see most of them is to rent a motorbike, scooter or ATV. Make sure you have your sunscreen, water, hat shoes and a towel!

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