Definitely do the Volcano Boat Tour!

Review from guest writer Katia Babs

It’s totally worth the trip! We took the Poseidon boat out of the old port in Fira. To get down to the old port you have  three options: the cable car which is about a 2 minute ride to the bottom (what we did), a donkey ride (which is what I want to do next), or walking the 500 odd steps down to the bottom (what crazy people do). The first stop is to the volcano where  you can walk about 20 minutes up to the top to see the smoking black rocks. No, there is no lava. If there was lava, we’d be in trouble. Definitely wear sneakers so you can do the walk with no problem. No flip flops! The second stop brings you around the volcano and to the hot springs where you jump off the boat and swim over to enjoy about 20 minutes there. After that, the boat goes slowly passed the quiet island of Thirassia where you can take pictures of the quaint downtown. From there you enjoy the beautiful view of Santorini from the water as the boat takes you around the island. Enjoy your free wine, sit back and relax as you watch the famous Santorini sunset. It was a fabulous trip that I can’t wait to repeat next year!


What to bring: A hat, sunblock, water, snacks, a camera, sneakers, a light jacket for when the sun goes down, and maybe a bottle of local wine 🙂

Katia Babs



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